28 October 2013

chego! chinatown.

chego! has become a regular spot for us since it opened early this summer in chinatown. after having tried several options on the menu, we've both settled with the heavenly chubby pork belly bowl. anytime i order anything else, i think wow, this is really tasty. but i wish i'd gotten the pork belly.

dodger stadium revamped / opening week.

the season is over, and it was a good run getting to the playoffs and national league championships (world series next year, maybe? please, baseball gods?), but here are some pictures i took opening week.

17 June 2013

chicago in a weekend.

the whole fam met up in chicago mid-april (yea yea, that's how behind i am) to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. that's all four of us sibs as well as all our respective spouses and children. it was a whirlwind weekend (arrive 5am saturday, depart 8pm sunday) but it was definitely fun to see everyone, explore bits of the city, catch a cubs game and of course, hang out with my adorable nieces and nephews. here are some of my favorite photos:

14 June 2013

stormcloud at sciarc40

we checked out stormcloud, by our friends at oyler wu collaborative, at the sciarc 40th anniversary party. it was pretty awesome.

mumford and sons in san bernardino.

we went to see mumford & sons play in san bernardino a couple weekends ago! we stopped in arcadia on our way and had a very tasty late lunch at din tai fung first, of course. for the rest of the evening we packed a cooler of PB&J's, homemade omusubis, water, gummy bears, and bananas. what else could one need?

05 June 2013

coffee at home; recently.

we've started making coffee at home via frenchpress a lot lately, and only buying coffee in the mornings once a week. we're saving a lot of money. and getting more exposure to some really tasty coffees as well!

26 May 2013

easter dinner in dc @ blue duck tavern

another one of those posts where i am so behind i'm going to say very little about it, and just post some (hopefully) pretty pictures. as previously mentioned, we were DC for easter weekend, and our easter sunday dinner was at blue duck tavern. the food was incredibly fresh and delicious. it was particularly great to be able to have some foie gras, which has been banned in california for about a year now. almost a reason to move..

10 May 2013

udon at marugame monzo.

for those who know me, they know i am a noodle-lover. obsessed with noodles. i even had the noodle dream once. one of my favorite kinds, and probably my favorite japanese noodle, is udon. and how lucky am i that marugame monzo has opened in little tokyo and hand makes their udon fresh in house? i absolutely had to go!

30 April 2013

graffiato in DC.

i'm so behind on posts! so forgive me, i may start posting more pictures and less words.. we took a trip to washington DC during the last weekend of march. i'll explain why in a later post, but one of the places we went to eat was graffiato, which served conceptual italian small plates in DC's chinatown. the food was absolutely amazing. i won't say more, but i did manage to bring my camera for this one and get photos of everything we ate.

18 April 2013

celebrating atwater at canele.

so, we bought a house! and in atwater village - one of our favorite LA neighborhoods. well, technically, we're atwater adjacent, but minor details aren't important here! to celebrate after officially moving in, we went to dinner at a gem in the 'hood, canele. this was my third time there, but james's first. and we brought the bottle of veuve cliquot our real estate agents gave us when we closed on the house.